Southern Ute Tribal Member Fishing License – Brunot Area



Open Areas for fishing shall generally include all streams, lakes, and reservoirs on public lands within the Brunot Area boundary. Public lands are Federal government and State of Colorado-owned lands, such as National Forest and Bureau of Land Management lands, State Wildlife Areas, State Parks, and State school sections. Note: In certain waters within the Brunot Area, seasonal fishing closures are in place to protect wild trout fisheries during their reproductive cycle. See “Spawning Waters” in the current Brunot Area Hunting & Fishing Proclamation for more information.

Private Property represents a substantial portion, approximately 25%, of the entire Brunot Area. Although permitted Brunot Area anglers are authorized to fish on private property, the angler must always obtain access permission from the landowner prior to entering private land. It is always the angler’s responsibility to know where private land occurs, even if land boundaries are not clearly marked in the field.  Anglers should carefully review maps provided by the Tribe, as well as those published by State and Federal lands agencies. Always seek knowledgeable help if in doubt about land status.

When you purchase a permit, you will receive one email with your sales receipt and a second email with your permit(s) attached. This is the only copy you will receive; they will not be sent by US mail. If they don’t appear in your inbox within a minute or two, please check your junk mail folder.

You can contact the Wildlife Division with questions or comments.

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By checking this box, you and/or the permittee, agree to abide by all Southern Ute Indian Tribe regulations. Furthermore, you attest that all information provided is true to the best of your knowledge.

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Season Adult (13 thru 54), Season Juvenile (12 and under), Lifetime Tribal Elder (55+)