Southern Ute Tribal Member Fishing License – Reservation


Fishing by Southern Ute Tribal members is allowed along all waters on all Tribal trust lands on the Reservation. For fishing on unassigned tribal lands, Tribal member fishermen are not restricted to access points and stream corridors. However, to fish on assigned tribal lands, tribal members must use the designated access points and stream corridors as described above for non-Tribal members. Tribal member fishermen are responsible for knowing where Tribal land assignments occur, and fishing is the only activity allowed while accessing Tribal land assignments.

All fishermen are asked to respect Tribal land! Do not litter, cut fences, leave gates open, drive or park in inappropriate areas, or engage in any non-fishing activities. Always remain within the specified corridor unless there is an emergency, never trespass on private property, and contact the appropriate authorities if you see violations being committed. Activities by non-Tribal members other than fishing are strictly prohibited and violators will be prosecuted.

Fishing on Tribal land is a special privilege granted by the Tribe. Following the rules and showing respect for the land will ensure that this privilege continues.

When you purchase a permit, you will receive one email with your sales receipt and a second email with your permit(s) attached. This is the only copy you will receive; they will not be sent by US mail. If they don’t appear in your inbox within a minute or two, please check your junk mail folder.

You can contact the Wildlife Division with questions or comments.

Enter the first name of the angler.

Enter the middle initial of the angler.

Enter the last name of the angler.

Enter the birth date of the angler as M/D/YYYY.

Enter the address where the angler resides.

Enter the city where the angler resides.

Enter the 2 letter state abbreviation where the angler resides (example CO).

Enter the zip code where the angler resides.

Enter the drivers license 2 letter state and number (if any) of the angler.

Enter the closest gender identity of the angler.

Angler height ex. 5′ 7″

Angler weight in lbs.

Select the closest hair color of the angler.

Select the closest eye color of the angler.

Enter the anglers Southern Ute Tribal Member census number.

By checking this box, you and/or the permittee, agree to abide by all Southern Ute Indian Tribe regulations. Furthermore, you attest that all information provided is true to the best of your knowledge.

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Season Adult (13 thru 54), Season Juvenile (12 and under), Lifetime Tribal Elder (55+)