Store Refund Policy

Boys and Girls Club

Refunds will be issued for Summer Club Week only in the event that the club cancels or closes for the entire week (one day, two day, etc. closures will not be refunded). Refunds will be issued for Field Trips only in the event that the club cancels the trip, or the club member cannot attend because of their behavior.

Lake Capote Camping

Refunds will be issued only when a reserved campsite unexpectedly becomes unavailable for the reserved use, as determined by Lake Capote Management. Refunds will be determined on a per-day basis that the campsite is unavailable and, therefore, may not be equivalent to the total cost of the initial reservation.

Hunting and Fishing

Non-refundable Permit Fee for winners of the Non-Member Cow Elk Hunt Lottery. This product is available after the Lottery draw in late November.

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